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WDRV/WWDV FM reaches more than 1.7 million listeners via 97.1/96.9 each week plus another 135,000+ each month and growing via its internet audio streaming. Statistics show that 79% of our audience are adults 25-54 with 73% in our key 35-54 demographic area. Men represent nearly 55% while our female listeners are 45%.

The Drive highlights our advertisers' messages with a self imposed limit of 12 commercial units per hour, comprised of 3 separate 4-unit breaks. Our established air personalties avoid endless babbling keeping their comments to the music and current events as The Drive does not clutter its airwaves with extra talk and contests-spotlighting your advertising message.

A positive association between our advertisers and our programming is important. WDRV FM promises not to feature controversial programming that may result in a negative association with our advertisers.

WDRV FM abides by a no-bump or pre-empt policy. This means that once an advertiser contracts with us, their campaigns are guaranteed to run as scheduled and contracted. The WDRV FM sales team specializes in developing marketing and advertising campaigns.

Allow us to customize a marketing plan that will accomplish your business goals.

E-mail our sales department:
Drew Medland, General Sales Manager

Or give us a call at: 312-274-1374

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Sunday, Apr 20, 2014
Sunday Night Star
Jeremy Wiora of Hickory Hills (1hrs)
The Classics
Monday, Apr 21, 2014
Overnight Album Side
Electric Light Orchestra
Milestones in Rock
Ten @ 10
One 45 @ 1:45
Phil Collins
$1,000 Song of The Day
Free Fallin' - Tom Petty
Long One @ 9
Dan Fogelberg
Ten @ 10 Replay
Tuesday, Apr 22, 2014
Overnight Album Side
Peter Frampton
Milestones in Rock
$1,000 Song of The Day
Tom Sawyer - Rush