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The Drive's Live at 5 for the week of July 25-29, 2011
Posted:Saturday, 07/23/2011 at 10:07am by Bobby Skafish
It's a Wrigley Field-themed Live at 5 week; listen to great Drive artists who have played Wrigley over the years (and one who is about to), and immediately afterward, listen for us to ask you to call in for a chance to WIN MC CARTNEY TICKETS for the August 1st show, including FRONT ROW!

Monday, July 25: Jimmy Buffett
Buffett changed Wrigleyville into Margaritaville during Labor Day weekend, 2005 - including the concessions as both Jimmy-endorsed beer and margs were being sold! I went to one of the shows and absolutely loved it, including the covers of Southern Cross (CSN) & Scarlet Begonias (Grateful Dead). Great scene, too.

Tuesday, July 26: Elton John
We'll hear two Elton did in July of 2009 when he played what the late Steve Goodman called "that ivy covered burial ground" with Billy Joel. Elton certainly got the better of the Trib's Greg Kot's review: "John was mostly business, focusing intently on music that has held up well. Joel cracked wise in a lousy Chicago accent..."

Wednesday, July27: The Police
Heard this concert loud & clear from my neighborhood homestead, and man they sounded great. They pulled it off as a 3-piece, as one of their reunion rules was no extra musicians. The opening act was Fiction Plane, featuring Sting's son, Joe.

Thirsday, July 28: Billy Joel
We'll fire up 2 that Billy performed at Wrigley Field when he played it with Elton for 2 nights in 2009. As you may recall, the Elton/Billy show nearly played there again last summer, but Joel pulled the plug, deciding, instead, to take a year off. "I'm bitterly disappointed," said EJ, "but Billy has had a tough year and I have to respect his decision." Here's to hoping Mr. Joel has used the year wisely and is feeling better.

Friday, July 29: Paul Mc Cartney
Now we listen to what the man said (and sang & played from the stage), and lead into the multi-day celebration we call "Mc Cartney Mania" on the Drive. Oh, btw, as soon as Friday's winner is chosen, we'll pick a grand prize winner from the 5 winners of the week. That person will get the regular tickets they won, AND FRONT ROW SEATS!

Maybe I'm amazed,
Bobby Skafish
3-8 pm
The Drive

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