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Posted:Saturday, 08/13/2011 at 05:08pm by Bobby Skafish
Monday, August 15: The Doobie Brothers
Happy birthday to co-founding Doob and singer of so many of their classics, Tom Johnston. After leaving a band with the disgusting name "Pud" Tom got the Doobies, um, rollin' in 1970, left in '77 then rejoined in 1987 and remains with the band today.

Tuesday, August 16: Foreigner
Two from Wolfgang's Vault featuring the excellent pipes of Lou Gramm, who is appearing, as per his website, tomorrow night at "Navy Pier - Independent Garden Center Show." His latest solo release, from 2009, is a self-titled Christian rock album. Live, the Lou Gramm Band plays a combination of Foreigner, solo Lou & Christian rock.

Wednesday, August 17: INXS
I'll forever get choked up when I remember that the late, great Michael Hutchence turned down the cover of the Rolling Stone because the mag wanted him, but not his bandmates on it. INXS '11: bassist Garry Beers is a new dad, twins no less, with the names Isla Katherine & August James.

Thursday, August 18: Led Zeppelin
U2's the Edge appeared with Jimmy Page & Jack White in the 2008 guitar-centric film It Might Get Loud. The Edge on Pagey: "Before I met Jimmy I listened back to some Led Zeppelin stuff and realize it has stood the test of time. It has the hallmark of timeless music. It hasn't dated while so much from that era really did date and in fact has completely vanished."

Friday, August 19: The Story of The Rolling Stones begins!

Go ahead, bite the big apple,

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