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PJ said...
Christmas '65, I was 11 yrs old and shocked by getting a copy of

Rubber Soul. Were my folks cool?

JMS said...
My mom singing Yellow Submarine and dancing around the kitchen with us kids. =) She was a hip gal.

Stu said...
I'm a little young to remember any of those bands (I'm only 25), but I do remember getting a copy of Dire Straits' On Every Street when I was 10, and listening to it constantly for days.

Steph said...
"Dance to the music" by Sly and every long road trip with my dad as a kid! They go hand in hand!

David said...
Bob- I'm about the same age as you & couldn't agree more about the Beach Boys!Oldies Rock & so do U!

John said...
Bob, The Beatles take me back to childhood, then reality sets in and you realize two are dead!

Xavier said...
Let It Be always reminds me of Rainbow skating rink on Clark Street, ice skating during the winter of 1970, going round and round while they played the song every half hour (or so it seemed). As a ten-year-old, it just cemented my life-long love affair with the Beatles.

Justin said...
Beach Boys and Beatles, they both get it done for me. I'm only 21 and the beach boys were my first concert way back in 3rd grade. my first cd was the red album by the beatles. my dad got me into classic rock when i was a small kid, from that point there was no looking back

Bob said...
Takes me back to the BeachBoys and Chicago Concert at the stadium? 1975.

Cochise said...
1969? Older bro gets guitar @ X-mas,but can't make it work.I try.& out comes Judy In Disguise!

jeff said...
I'm 52 and I have 2 sisters 56, 60, So, I grew up listening to everything from Elvis thru today.

Mark said...
I was 9 in '65 when I heard "Wouldn't it be Nice"...never stopped being timely.

Patty said...
Summer before 6th grade and falling in puppy love with Pete Black to Oh Pretty Woman!!! Love u Bob!

John said...
First CD owned was Pet Sounds. Loved 1970's In Concert double album. Carl Wilson was underrated.

Mike said...
I go back to Elvis and Buddy. Remember the Day the Music Died. Saw the Beach Boys in concert in 67

Lori said...
Toto's Rosanna - I'm sunbathing in my best friend Therese's backyard in Crete singing the harmonies.

Charlie said...
I was a big fan of the D.C. 5 in the sixties never missed them when they were Ed Sullivan.

kevin said...
I saw the beach boys in concert when I was down at universal studios in florida, I enjoyed it

Carp; said...
Everytime I hear "Jenny Take a Ride" and "Gloria" it takes me back to 8th grade.

Marc Bieler said...
hearing Calif Girls for the 1st time, 17 yrs. old, summer of '65 on the beach in Ocean City NJ!

John said...
New Colony Six reminds me of seeing them and Buffalo Springfield at the Cellar.

Patti said...
Falling in love in 8th grande and breaking up to the Cryan Shames;i had a little record player/raido that was portable, took it everywhere and played 45's all day long.

Rita said...
My 45 of Mercy,Mercy Mercy by The Buckinghams blaring on our RCA console & my lounge lizard Dad, swingin' on top of our new living room entable in 1968, crooning into a glass of Cutty Sark.

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