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ed Dvorscak said...
It's nice to see the blogs.....I was thinking about mentioning that on the advisory board and.... wala...there it is..another great tidbit from the Drive staff! Keep up the GREAT work!

Tony said...
I vaeguly recall an anchorwoman horribly butchering Lynyrd Skynyrd while trying to say it on air.
Something like "Line rid sky nerd."

John said...
That's funny Bob! I had a similiar experience recently when trying to find the remastered CD/DVD Living in the Material World. The 20 something did'nt know George Harrison! Boy, did I feel old!

Rita said...
I just don't bother to shop anywhere that isn't staffed by anyone under the age of 45. It takes some sleuthing around, but an occasional knowledgeable fossil can be found at Tower Records on Wabash.

Alan said...
It's so sad that so many young people now have no idea about the truly great bands that made the music that still lives today. Will anyone be playing Madonna or Pink in 30 or 40 years? But if I'm lucky enough to still be around, I'll be listening to "So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star" and "I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better," et al.

Teaser said...
Re: 20-somethings not being familiar with our music; remember when Heather Mills heard a Beatle tune and asked Paul, "Is that one of yours?" We knew Paul was headed for trouble.

patti said...
I'm 52 and my children ages, 30, 27, and 25 love my music!

Prash said...
I am a 20-something and unfortunately I have missed out on some great music in my ignorance. I just started listening to Drive and tell me why I feel so nostalgic, even though I know not one song!! Is it too late to get started on classic rock? Heard it is timeless

Jerry said...
The 20-somethings probably wouldn't be able to find Frijid Pink, Spiral Starecase. or Split Enz either.

Barbara said...
I'm 27 and I would love to go back in time to experience the music while it was new and the whole revolution that occured. Unfortunately, I can't. So, I thank you for letting me relive it in your eyes. Most people my age don't appreciate classic rock. I live for it! Thank you!

Mike said...
My 3 daughters (29, 27, and 25) know this music because they grew up hearing it as I listened to it. Another case of parents not educating their young? BTW, I have 5 Byrds albums in my collection.

Marc said...
That's afunny story! But, it is true that a lot of the kids today, if given the chance to hear, do love the great 60's Bands. The Byrds qualify in that ranking! Have their 1st box set from 1990

MERRY said...
Yuor experience reminded me of my experience in fall of 1999. 24 hours after STRANGE TIMES, the Moody Blues 1st studio album in 8 years was released I went to the music store to find it [I had worked a double shift the day before]. It wasn't in the section with the other Moody Blues albums which were in stock, so I asked the owner who did not know they had released anything new. I was convinced it must be there somewhere and stubbornly searched the store, ultimately finding it!, in the half price bin! Only 24 hours after being released! When questioned the store owner said they had simply assumed it was another of Their many greatest hits/best of albums which seemed to be issued and reissued every year. I can only assume the criminal lack of promotion of their last couple of albums was a factor in the Moody Blues change of record companies.

Cochise said...
A busy topic. As per Mike, I hear my 14 yr. old singing lyrics of oldies. I've a nephew (20yr old); plays every note of Zepplin, but not so much on Byrds. I guess its by chance who you run in to.

Terrt said...
I had a similar experience at Best Buy, trying to buy my Dad a Mario Lanza CD. The young employee told me they didn't have it after looking it up on the computer. Then I went and found it on my own.

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