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Dave said...
I would say when I've seen The Stones live, they might play a few songs not often heard on the radio, but I'd always like to hear a few more. I do think most of the people come only to hear the hits.

MERRY said...
Right on Bob. Thank heaven most of the artists out there seem to have either the good sense or the experience to ignore advice like this critic gave. I've seen how many people [besides me] know all the words and sing along even to relatively unknown songs from past albums. Obviously lots of us fans have worn out and memorized entirely all the old albums of our favorite artists. My beloved Moody Blues seem to split it almost one third each, with newer material in the middle of the concert, and the beginning and the end both mixed of top hits and other songs from past albums.

Rio Rita said...
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...

kevin said...
When I see a concert I most like the element of surprise. I like to hear some new, some obscure and the favorites. Neil Young always does something different, I like that.

cochise said...
They drive-you're just along for the ride!

gerald said...
In Lindsey's case I would have expected a tiny more solowork. But I'd cry if he didn't do Go Your Own Way.
I hope you liked his concert a lot. The guy's a genius.

Mike said...
Too many artists are playing 90 minute sets and going home. If they'd expand the set time, they could expand the set list to include more old and new.

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