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Trixie said...
Many of the songs on your list were played on the jukebox (3 songs for a quarter) at St. Augustine's bowling alley which consisted of only 8 lanes, but it was the place to be in The Back of the Yards.

kevin said...
I also relate to the music of the late 60's more than today, certain songs that bring back wonderful moments in my life.

Bob said...
Am I the only one to notice that your list of 26 songs includes seven songs (and two additional bands, the Shames and Turtles) featured on volumes I-VII of Rock 'n Roll roots? Is this list, perhaps, a clue or subliminal tease as to what tracks are included on volume VIII?

I agree with you about baseball. Although many people think it is boring because it is the only major sport without a clock, I think that truly makes it chess-like as the intervals allow the purists to contemplate the managers' strategy before it happens.

That World Series was the first one I was ever into because our teacher let us watch the game on TV. (Remember when World Series games were actually played in the daytime?)

By the way, did you know that Denny McLain is the late Lou Boudreau's son-in-law? Can't wait for Volume VIII!

Cochise said...
What a list, Bob. Reading from line to line; each one took me through a slide show of fun and mundane memories. I wonder "weather" or not, how many listeners can't remember the 60's.

Dan said...
The '68 World Series, with the Gibson-Lolich pitching duel, was one of the best. But a highlight was the singing of the National Anthem by Jose Feliciano. What a rendition!

Sher said...
I hope you can continue to play these songs, plus so many others, that are so loaded with visceral memories for people "our age", for a long, long time.

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