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Zion-Pete said...
The harmonies were something special. I remember my cousion and I groovin' on "I Call Your Name" and thinking how hard it was to top the Beatles on vocals, yet they did. Truly a "golden era"!

Teaser said...
I was sad when I read his obit in the weekend paper. His mistake in "I Saw Her Again" was a highlight of that song because it didn't sound like he screwed up.

kevin said...
Yes another sad rock and roll death, they did produce some excellent music

Peggy said...
I was lucky enough to see Denny in a live performance with John Phillips, Mackenzie Phillips and Elaine McFarlane (formerly of Spanky and Our Gang) back in the '80s. Although it wasn't the same as hearing the orignal group they sounded great, Elaine being a really close "second" to Mama Cass. I enjoyed it and now I am especially glad to have seen them--true originals who are a big part of rock n roll history.

ginger said...
I "borrowed" my mom's copy of If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears during grade school and played it constantly. Their music is the soundtrack to my childhood. Losing Denny hit me pretty hard, too.

Carol said...
You captured so many of my emotions about Denny. I also remembered being so mesmerized the first time I heard "California Dreamin" and to this day still get chills when I hear the song.

Cochise said...
I never owned any of their LPs. Time does invoke change by its very nature. It also will dispense peace. Maybe I should pick up on some of their CDs before Father Time makes me too peaceful.

Che Kerouac said...
Now there is only one. Shame. For those of us who cherish the '60's it's heart breaking when our R&R heros pass on.

Bob said...
The haunting harmonies of M&P's will always be there as long as stations like 97.1 will contin ue to play them. I have every album they made during their short time together. Even their renditions o

Craig Scott said...
Picking your favorite song is like picking a favorite child. "California Dreamin'" is in my top five with "I Saw Her Again" close behind. I have to echo the comments here as I was also bewitched by the haunting harmonies and voices, particularly of Denny and Cass. They made our lives better.
As always Bob, thank you and keep up the great work.

Diane said...
"Dreaded change?" Bobby, sometimes change is good....once upon a time, it gave us you! Hugs & kisses.

Ramblin' Dan said...
Just watched Monterrey Pop on DVD again the other night, and in their heyday Mr. Stroud is absolutely right to number them with the most influential. My daughter is 19 and LOVES them.

Greg said...
I agree with Carol. I also remember the first time I heard California Dreamin. The harmonies and the production of the song were first class. To this day, it is number one on my list.

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