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kevin said...
What a great year for music

JZ said...
Great additional list, Bob. The only one I can think of to possibly add is "Electric Comic Book" by the Blues Magoos.

Dan said...
Bob, I agree with your additions. I'm a bit baffled by a few "essentials" on the Rolling Stone list -- although I concur on most of them. Thanks for your three-part Roots Summer of Love celebration.

peggy said...
I had to re-read that list several times because all that great music from one year is amazing. Glad I was there to enjoy it. But The Serpent Power--HUH--someone fill me in, who is that???

Marc said...
all right, Bob, including the great "Insight Out"! Rolling Stone list looks like they tried too hard to be "cool"-typical. One of my faves was the Left Banke album Walk Away Renee

Jim said...
Bob: Your additions make a lot of sense, especially More of the Monkees. I would have added Pisces, Aquarius as well.

Didn't Steppenwolf and the Rascals release some good LPs that year?

Dave said...
I'm looking through my WLS Silver Dollar Surveys (Yes, I still have the originals) and am convinced this is still the zenith of pop/rock/soul music. Thanks for the memories, Bob!

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