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noah said...
Sad indeed!
Especially knowing how close he came to appearing at the HOF induction.

As a kid I was always a big fan of the DC5, and Mike in particular.
What a great voice and great stage presence

Doree said...
I always loved the DC5. There have been some questionable choices in terms of inductees in recent years. I was very happy to hear they had been inducted into the HOF. It was a long time coming!!

peggy said...
I am very sad. I saw the DC5 on 7-25-66 for $3.50. To me they were right up there with the Stones and Beatles. And I still want to get up and dance when I hear "Glad all Over"--its explosive! RIP Mike

Steve said...
The thing about the DC5 was that you could actually HEAR them--somehow the screaming girls didn't drown them out. This had to be due in large part to Mr. Smith's distinctive vocals. He'll be missed.

Keith said...
I had been following Mike's progress for the last couple years at his web site. He seeed to be doing better. I was stunned to read he had died. His voice will live on.

Sugarbabe said...
Listen to DC5's American Tour album/cd, the lads are in excellent form. I'm a fan of Dave's drumming and the saxophone is as good as it gets. Most Romantic song: Whenever You're Around.

marc said...
Tom Hanks really nailed it about the DC5 at the R&R induction, and so did you Bob.Pure energy, that music!

Cochise said...
Usually, I'm grateful that -the powers that be- may give us a "1 hit wonder." DC5 is a horse of a different colour. Thank you.

Linda said...
Very sad. Especially that he could not live long enough to make it to the ceremony. But I'm sure he saw it from above. And smiled from ear to ear.

Dennis said...
My [2] favorite groups from the "British Invasion" have always been the DC5 and the Animals. The passing of Mike Smith is as sad as that of Chas Chandler.

Alice said...
Thanks for the background on Michael smith. I always thought DC5 was overshadowed by other british invasion ie: beatles,kinks etc.. I remember DC5 appearing at the Avalon Theartre on E. 79th St. 1964

Faith said...
I always loved the cheery tunes by the DC5, cranking up the volume whenever a song of theirs played! (I thought I was the*only* one listening to my transistor radio under my pillow!)
Thank you, DC5!

Ed said...
December 1964, during my freshman year in college. For her birthday, I took my sister to see the DC V at the original McCormick Place's Aire Crown Theater. Louder than the Stones in the same place. Way cool with black light turning their white shirts purple.

Greg said...
To this day, the DC5 are on my top ten. I love listening to their albums. They had a lot of great songs which didn't make the top 10 in the US. I think that if it hadn't been for the Beatles, (which I love) and the Rolling Stones, they would have been right up there on the U.S. charts a lot more than they were.

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