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john said...
If it's anything like "Billion Dollar Baby" or "He Was A Midwestern Boy On His Own", I'm looking forward to reading it.

Dan said...
I have enjoyed Bob Greene's columns and books -- especially his columns on rock 'n' roll. Thanks for letting us know about this book. I'll head to Border's this evening to get a copy.

Peggy said...
I too enjoy reading Bob Greene so will put his latest book on my list. Found my worn out "Surf City" 45--right next to "Honolulu Lulu"--not alphabetized, but at least grouped by artist.

Rick said...
I have read the book and there are passages that will make you chuckle and others will make you sigh. I highly recommend it!

Dave said...
As always, your insights into that era are spot on. Thanks for sharing & thanks for the recommendation of the book.
Any chance you will be putting out a book of your own any time soon?

Bob Castillo said...
I think it was a Bob Greene column all those years ago that first got me started listening to Rock N'Roll Roots. I'm a big fan of both 'Bobs' I worked that festival where he joined 'Jan and Dean.'

Diane Miskulin said...
I have always enjoyed Bob Greene's writing and I can't wait to get this book. And you Mr. Stroud continue to amaze me on all the journeys your life has taken you! Rock on- Life is music and really does give us meaning!

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