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08/28/1986 : Pearl Jam's debut album Ten was released on this date, August 28, 1991, remaining on the Billboard Album Chart for over two years, selling 13 million copies. Pearl Jam's instrumentalists Gossard, Ament and McCready found onetime Evanston resident Eddie Vedder to complete the band. Eddie contributed three songs including their defining song Alive.

Rush is famous for the Starman logo which appeared for the first time on which album?
2112Fly By Night
A Farewell to KingsMoving Pictures

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1945Chris Copping of Procol Harum was born today.
1958George Harrison joined the band Quarrymen. John Lennon and Paul McCartney were also members.
1964Roy Orbison's single 'Oh, Pretty Woman' was released. The song was Orbison's second #1 hit.
1966The Beatles ended their fourth American tour at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, CA. The fans had no idea, but The Beatles knew this would be their last public performance so they brought cameras on stage to take pictures between songs. They didn't play any songs from their latest album, 'Revolver' and they ended the show with a cover of Little Richards' 'Long Tall Sally.'
1970Emerson, Lake & Palmer appeared at the Isle of Wight Festival.
1990Elton John checked into a rehab center in Chicago, IL, for bulimia, drinking and drugs.
1991Jan Berry (Jan & Dean) married Gertie Filip in Las Vegas, NV. The marriage took place onstage during a Jan & Dean performance.
1992During their sold out 'Zoo' tour, U2 became the second act ever to play at Yankee Stadium in NYC (after Billy Joel).
1995While shooting the music video for Meat Loaf's 'I'd Lie for You', a pilot and cameraman were killed in a helicopter crash in the Sequoia National Forest about 150 miles north of Los Angeles, CA.
2006A poll was taken to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the UK album chart. The British public were asked which album was the best of all to ever hit #1 in the UK. The Beatles had four albums in the top ten poll results, with 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' being voted as the best #1 album of all time.

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Friday, Aug 29, 2014
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