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Neil Young

It's entirely typical of Neil Young's career that in 1970 he had simultaneous hit albums with Deja Vu, his debut with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and his solo classic After the Gold Rush. From his early days with L.A. folk-rock group Buffalo Springfield, the Canadian singer/songwriter/guitarist has steadfastly refused to be defined by a particular group, project or genre. The variety of his output over the years is legendary; he divides his work among acoustic ballads, country-tinged and hard-edged rock, and assorted collaborations, some of which goes multi-platinum and some of which vanishes almost without a trace. Young is noteworthy among his contemporaries for keeping his work fresh and passionate after four decades in the biz; his work with up-and-coming bands such as Pearl Jam and Sonic Youth gave him honored-greybeard status in the alt- and grunge-rock community. He continues to produce the Bridge School Benefit concerts, a Bay Area institution for many years, bringing together performers and audiences from multiple generations and genres at an event benefiting a local school for handicapped children. Young remains one of the most active and influential rock musicians working today.

Written by: Mary Eisenhart

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