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John Fogerty

Thriving since his days as lead singer/guitarist/songwriter in Creedence Clearwater Revival, John Fogerty has continued to reach the top of the music charts with his solo career. During his CCR years, Fogerty wrote nine Top Ten singles, beginning with the classic rock hit "Proud Mary". CCR garnered eight top selling albums between years 1968 and1972, with much credit to Fogerty's burly baritone delivering catchy lyrics packed with political and poetically powerful song writing. Following CCR's disbandment in 1972, Fogerty launched his solo career, sort of anyway. He released an album of cover songs in 1973 under the name The Blue Ridge Rangers where Fogerty played every instrument in the recording. He recorded his self-titled album in 1975, and then fell silent for more than nine years while working out business problem's with CCR's label. However, Fogerty returned in 1984 with his hit singles "The Old Man Down The Road", and Centerfield from the number one selling album of the same name. His follow up album, Eye of the Zombie, recorded in 1986, failed to reach the charts and sent Fogerty into seclusion for 11 years. Finally, he resurfaced in 1997 releasing the album Blue Swamp Moon, followed up with Premonition a year later. In 2005, Fogerty released Long Road Home: The Ultimate John Fogerty/Creedence Collection featuring DVD Long Road Home: In Concert, which captures Fogerty's legacy through his solo work and features CCR footage as well.

Written by: Paul Hancock

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