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The Zombies

British Invaders The Zombies were far more successful in the United States than in their native country. The group, consisting mainly of school friends, formed in 1962, won a talent contest, and soon got a record deal, as a result of which their demo, "She's Not There," became a hit single in 1964. "Tell Her No" followed the next year, and for the next several years the band worked constantly and failed to achieve any further success. By the time their last album, Odessey and Oracle, hit the shelves in 1968, the group had broken up. Ironically, one of its tracks, "Time of the Season," took off the next year and became The Zombies' biggest hit, but despite many inducements by record labels hoping to capitalize on this development, the band steadfastly refused to re-form. Despite their short life, The Zombies were hugely influential on bands that followed -- echoes of their innovative arrangements, unusual instrumentals and vocal harmonies can be heard in later groups from The Byrds and The Doors to, more recently, Smash Mouth.

Written by: Mary Eisenhart

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