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The Animals

In their heyday in the mid-'60s, The Animals' success and fan base rivaled those of the Rolling Stones, though Mick et al. ultimately proved to have more staying power. The Animals emerged from the evolution of several blues-oriented bands in England, and got their start in 1964 in Newcastle. Fronted by the deep-voiced and soulful Eric Burdon, the group had minor success in the UK before its bombshell cover of the traditional folk song "House of the Rising Sun" reached #1 on both sides of the Atlantic in 1965. More hit singles followed, but the band had disintegrated by the end of 1966. Burdon first formed a band called the New Animals, which lasted till 1969, after which he teamed up with the band War and then launched a solo career. Meanwhile, original bassist Chas Chandler went on to several other noteworthy achievements, including the discovery of a hot new American guitarist, Jimi Hendrix. The Animals reunited for albums and tours in the '70s and '80s, but have stayed broken up since 1983. Another reunion was rendered unlikely by Chandler's death in 1996.

Written by: Mary Eisenhart

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