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Small Faces

While the Small Faces were veritable rock gods of the Mod world in their native England, they had exactly one hit in the U.S. -- 1967's "Itchykoo Park," hovering successfully between the pop and the hippy-dippy as it soared up the charts. Still, the band's founding members went on to other notable achievements. Former child actor Steve Marriott, who left the band during a turbulent period in 1969, soon joined pal Peter Frampton to found Humble Pie. The other members, meanwhile, joined forces with then-bassist Ron Wood and singer Rod Stewart, on the rebound from the Jeff Beck Group, and dubbed the result simply The Faces. Since Ronnie Lane was already on bass, Wood switched to rhythm guitar, and the group had some success with its new, blues-heavy sound. When Stewart's solo career took off in the early '70s, the band began to disintegrate. Wood went on to join the Rolling Stones, drummer Kenny Jones joined The Who after Keith Moon's death. Lane recorded with various artists, including Pete Townshend in the legendary Rough Mix, before being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the '70s. He eventually died of the disease in 1997; Marriott, meanwhile, had died in a house fire in 1991 on the eve of a new collaboration with Frampton.

Written by: Mary Eisenhart

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