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Todd Rundgren

Known as an ace producer, pop star, musical experimenter, technical wizard, fan of the weird and all-round hard-to-define guy, Todd Rundgren continues to explore new frontiers and undertake new projects in the new millennium. He started out in 1968 with the group Nazz, whose first album included his own future solo hit "Hello, It's Me." Parting company with Nazz, Rundgren met Albert Grossman, Bob Dylan's former manager, who had just launched a new record label, Bearsville. Rundgren started working there as a producer, helming some memorable albums including The Band's classic Stage Fright and Badfinger's Straight Up. He soon had a record deal of his own with Bearsville, but when he achieved genuine media stardom with 1972's Something/Anything?, he deliberately chose to turn his back on it and avoid the trap of endlessly repeating his hits. His next album, A Wizard, a True Star, was so esoteric that, by design or by accident, it drove away the "Hello, It's Me" hordes, leaving Rundgren with the devoted hardcore following he's had ever since, a fan base he's alternately puzzled and delighted with each new project. An early computer enthusiast, he worked extensively in video and multimedia, and pioneered an online-sales technology that allowed fans to buy songs directly from the artist.

Written by: Mary Eisenhart

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