Album: Dark Side Of The Moon
Pink Floyd

Average rating: 4.82

Album Reviews for Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd:

Rating: 5
Insightful, cohesive, inventive. A timeless classic. A must have for any rock enthusiast.

- Vern, December 03, 2007

Rating: 5
This album continues to blow away generation after generation...actually any Pink Floyd Album

- Dina, November 03, 2006

Rating: 5
This album is what headphones were invented for. It will take you away...

- Jake, May 17, 2006

Rating: 5
A sonic masterpiece! Not just one of the great rock albums, one of the great albums, period!

- Matt, April 11, 2006

Rating: 5
This album, to me, is timeless. I listen to this to just relax. It's cathartic.

- David, September 30, 2005

Rating: 5
It really is just beautiful and flowing. One of the most recognizable album covers of all-time too.

- Michael, September 29, 2005

Rating: 5
one of the Top three albums ever made! Has stood the test of time, and gets better every time!

- jeff, July 11, 2005

Rating: 5
34 million copies sold and counting, 591 consecutive weeks on the Billborad top 200, 11.5 years. Do you have to say more, This a must own!

- Greg, May 02, 2005

Rating: 5
Brilliance that transcends time; a must in every discography.

- Tony, April 21, 2005

Rating: 5
Flawless and pure.

- Mike, March 27, 2005

Rating: 1
the most over-rated album by the most over-rated band of all time

- BW, January 06, 2005

Rating: 5
Dark Side of the Moon to me is the greatest album of all time!

- Kat, December 31, 2004

Rating: 5
Greatest album of all time!This ablum is 14 years older than me but muisc like that never grows old.

- Jonathan , December 17, 2004

Rating: 5
I'm only 13 but I still love it as much as my family who grew up with it.

- Andrea, December 17, 2004

Rating: 5
Best album of all time in my opinion.

- Jackie, October 07, 2004

Rating: 5
My fave headphone classic. even got my kids listening to it. cool with Wizard of Oz hookup.

- Dennis, September 15, 2004

Rating: 5
How many albums sound this fresh 30 years on ? very few

- Dave, August 26, 2004

Rating: 5
Pink Floyd's masterpiece. Soothing and brilliant. Great tenor sax on "Us and Them".

- Bruce, June 28, 2004

Rating: 5
It doesn't even need to be said. Great album!!! Will anyone EVER disagree?

- Trent, May 05, 2004

Rating: 5
Near perfection. The music is 30 years ahead of its time, & the lyrics speak to all.

- Sean, December 27, 2003

Rating: 5
Truly timeless work. Twenty years on Billboard's charts. Symphonic structure.

- Mike, June 23, 2003

Rating: 5
The greatest album of all time

- Brian, April 08, 2003

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