Our Next Sunday Night Star is
Jenny Boers of Fox Lake on 08.24.2014

Jenny is married, has a son Jack and is a Case Manager for adults with disabilities.

Our Sunday Night Star's playlist will be posted on Sunday at 9pm.

Wanna be a DJ on The Drive and take over the radio station for an hour Sunday Night at 8? You choose the music, you present the songs and talk about them, say hi to your friends, share your stories about the music... you could be The Drive's Sunday Night Star.

Using the form below, submit your playlist of fifteen songs, along with a little background on who you are and what you normally do for a living. Feel free to attach a photo at home or work to give us a sense of what you're all about. Who knows you may just find yourself on the air soon as The Drive's Sunday Night Star!

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Saturday, Aug 23, 2014
The Deep End
Sunday, Aug 24, 2014
Rock 'n Roll Roots
Featuring the 60s and 70s (3hrs)
Sunday Night Star
Jennifer Boers of Fox Lake (1hrs)
The Classics
The Police and Sting (2hrs)
Monday, Aug 25, 2014
Milestones in Rock
Ten @ 10
One 45 @ 1:45
Elvis Costello
Lost & Found
Long One @ 9
Cheap Trick
Ten @ 10 Replay
Tuesday, Aug 26, 2014
Milestones in Rock
Ten @ 10
Rock n' Roll Girls